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coined by high_voltz in jun, 2020. flag credit belongs to him.
this carrd was created on jun 24, 2020.

the official carrd for all things infernalgender.

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infernalgender is a xenogender / mogai identity for those relate closely to hell, demons, lucifer, and so forth. whoever would like to use it can, for any reason they wish.

it's a neutral identity, allowing anyone to identify as it alongside other identities or just as itself, with no strong fem-masc lean. for example, you can be just infernalgender or you can be an infernalgender woman / man, or just have several identities piled onto infernalgender.

xenogenders are typically used by autistic or other neurodivergent people; not every gender identity is going to make sense, it doesn't have to.

being neurodivergent can alter a sense of self, especially with our gender expression and identity but that doesn't make it wrong to like or be xenogender.

a better explanation can be found here.

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there's no real meaning to the flag, it can mean whatever you personally want it to.

you do not have to credit if used, and you're free to use it as you wish!

there's also no exact set of pronouns infernalgender people may wish to use! binary pronouns or neopronouns are all acceptable to use - it's whatever you feel best for yourself.

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+a flag with 7 stripes. purple, yellow, and pink.

the purple is going from darker to lighter and the pink is going from lighter to darker. the yellow is a single stripe in the middle.